Success Stories:

Halcyon Automotive Solutions has dramatically increased profitability in our dealership. We have increased our volume with Halcyon Automotive Solutions and now we are able to get an additional 5 - 8 sales a month that we would have missed out on in the past. With all of the great technology that Halcyon Automotive Solutions offers, our staff is excited to use the product. These applications offer us a valuable outlet to earn repeat business from people that already trust and believe in us and our products. We have found that Halcyon Automotive Solutions offers so many usable applications that the competition just can’t compete. As a previous user of V-Auto, there is absolutely no comparison. Using Halcyon Automotive Solutions is like riding a Harley compared to riding a skateboard!

Halcyon Automotive Solutions tells us which used cars and trucks to stock, down to trim level and color and has cut the time used vehicles stay on our lot to 7-10 days, down from 20. The Smartphone app is fast and convenient. We can use it at auctions to access AutoCheck to see if a car has been in an accident, if it’s one-owner, etc, - - all on one screen…very quickly and very conveniently.

Halcyon Automotive Solutions simplifies the entire process of inventory management and brings it into the 21st Century. My staff doesn’t have to be tied to their desks to access reports or buy lists, but can be anywhere scanning, appraising, bidding and pricing cars. It’s like having the dealership in your pocket, wherever the day takes you! We believe we can be so much more productive with this system. Halcyon Automotive Solutions is taking the next steps and really bringing needed innovation and tools to the industry.

Halcyon Automotive Solutions has finally listened to what the industry has been asking for—technology that enhances your processes. Working with the team at Halcyon Automotive Solutions has forever changed the way we do business at Phillips Toyota. They not only provide the best analytics in the industry, but they listen to what their customers need and make our jobs a whole lot easier!

We’ve sold 10 vehicles from our service drive in our first week using the Halcyon Automotive Solutions tools and we’re just getting started! I’d highly recommend Halcyon Automotive Solutions over any tool on the market and we’ve tried most of them!

I can tell you that Halcyon Automotive Solutions is a breath of fresh air and the tools they offer are well ahead of anything we have ever seen. We’ve put all of our 13 rooftops on the program and I’m recommending Halcyon Automotive Solutions to every dealer I know!