About Us

Why Halcyon

Halcyon Technologies IT Professional service is committed to undertake projects based on technology competence and know-how abilities. Halcyon Technologies strive to improve your capability, help you achieve your objectives in minimum time possible, in a cost effective way and by providing a well responsive Quality IT Solutions. Halcyon Technologies, with global solution development center based out of Hyderabad, has a global reputation as a source of providing Quality IT Solutions and un-interrupted 24X7 Product deployment & maintenance services.

To ensure that Halcyon Technologies is able to stay at the cutting-edge of technology, we have set up state-of-the-art Centers of Excellence, infrastructure facilities that match global norms, provide necessary combination of infrastructure, domain expertise and specialized skills to develop Quality products and cost effective market oriented solutions.


Our People

Halcyon Technologies USA, strongly believe that success is solely dependent on technological expertise, professionalism, passion, enthusiasm and determination of our people. Our people make us complete with a common set of values dedicated towards quality and innovation and help us understand your requirements. Commitment of our team provides a strong anchor to us with highest levels of technical expertise and excellent domain knowledge which nurture strong and interactive relationships with our clients.

Halcyon People understand client’s requirements and it’s our people’s dedication, enthusiasm, steadfast commitment, positive attitude that has been driving our efforts in pursuit of excellence. Halcyon Technologies USA, values skills, experience and expertise received from a diverse employee teams, believe this helps us better understand our customers and build stronger partnerships and business relationships across the world.

Quality Policy

Halcyon technologies commitment to Quality policy reflects our vision, Quality services, technological expertise, and our assurance towards designing and developing Quality IT Solutions which can quickly adapt to the changes and enhancements in technical environment. Our triad components of philosophy: People, Process and Technology influence quality of system and enable to improve services provided and quality assured of the product delivered at organizational level. Hence we constantly focus on verticals of triad and maintain equilibrium between them.

Halcyon technologies USA is an ISO certified company implementing standard practices and maintaining Quality services across verticals, we are committed to deliver high Quality Software products and Services. Information/Knowledge management united with a robust training program allows our employees to stay proficient and modernized in continuously evolving technological environment. Our tool evaluation team ensures adaptation of the best-of-breed tools and technologies for effective software development